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Oct 17, 2014

Oct 10, 2014

To know Thailand's by National Reform Council an Infographic made by @prachatai_en

@prachatai_en released an infographic which shows the composition of the newly formed National Reform Council (NRC) in Thailand.


Based on @prachatai_en search, the NRC in Thailand is dominated by civil servants (over 50% members are with a civil service background).

Here is the source image link:

Oct 9, 2014

Oct 8, 2014

Oct 6, 2014

Oct 1, 2014

New article written by SEARC core member

Dr. Stephen Ortmann, a SEARC core member, has an article in the latest Taiwan Journal of Democracy.
The title is: Democratization and the Discourse on Stability in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Taiwan Journal of Democracy, Volume 10, No. 1: 123-145
Democratization and the Discourse on Stability in Hong Kong and Singapore
Stephan Ortmann

Democrats in both Hong Kong and Singapore face a discourse on stability that is hostile to liberal democracy, but only activists in Hong Kong have successfully reframed this discourse to motivate potential supporters to actively push for democratization. The difference between the situations in Hong Kong and Singapore can be explained by the concept of collective action frames, which demonstrates that it is not sufficient to associate stability with democracy, for supporters also need to establish a motive for activism. The study shows that the success of reframing rests with the saliency of the notion that authoritarianism is a problem for stability, in part influenced by the degree of access to the media.
Keywords: Discourse on stability, opposition, Hong Kong, Singapore, collective action frames.