Dec 1, 2013

SEARC's Dr.London commented Vietnam's constitution amendments

Dr Jonathan London, a member of SEARC, has been quoted about political rivalries in Vietnam in Reuters. This article at the same time has been reprinted in Nov 30's South China Morning Post of Hong Kong.

The comment can be seen in:

In Vietnam, weary apparatchiks launch quiet revolution | Reuters


Dissent rises in Vietnam over one-party monopoly on power | South China Morning Post

Here is what Dr London said:
"Vietnam has entered a new phase. The existence of rivalries within the party is already known, but it's now more transparent in a way never seen in the past," said Jonathan London, a Vietnam expert at City University in Hong Kong.
"The rise of this group and its advice will influence the tenor of party discussion. What's clear is this is a period of uncertainty and competition."


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