Dec 8, 2013

What does Southeast Asia look in OECD’s latest PISA survey? (Updated)

Yesterday, news talked about the PISA result. There were five ASEAN countries participated in PISA 2012. They were Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Most SE Asian PISA-related news was only appeared in their local news headline but not in international news. This post summarized the PISA result of SEA participants and the local commentary about the result.
Quick summary about PISA & SE Asia:

Source: The Malay Mail Online (

  • Singapore got 2nd in Maths and 3rd in Reading and Science
  • Vietnam got 8th in Science, 17th in Maths and 19th in Reading
  • Thailand got 50th in Maths but 48th in Reading & Science
  • Malaysia got 52 in Maths, 59th in Reading & 53th in Science
  • Indonesia got 64th in Maths and Science and 61st in Reading (Noted that only 65 countries took part in the PISA)
  • Vietnam has a higher standard of education than the United States. Think how unlikely that once would have seemed. Think of the turn of history's wheel. (
  • The happiest schoolchildren, according to data gathered alongside the tests, are in Indonesia and Peru. These have among the worst results in the world. (

Result from OECD PISA website:


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Vie Nam:

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Read More about PISA itself:

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