Apr 9, 2014

Is ASEAN ready for AEC 2015? check this @Diplomat_APAC: Cambodia Leads Doubts Over AEC

Recently, @Diplomat_APAC has published an article about doubts and risks among the ASEAN countries heading towards the ASEAN Economic Community 2015. Interesting piece and a quick review to understand the problems faced by the region in creating a single and integrated economic bloc like EU.

Cambodia Leads Doubts Over AEC | The Diplomat

However, doubts have persisted over their insistence, particularly in regards to poorer members like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. This is in part due to the marked cultural differences within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
Brunei stunned many in the region when it announced that it would shortly impose Sharia law. Thailand remains on the perennial brink of a political meltdown while the ethnic and religious divides in Malaysia have rarely been greater.
As great as those cultural differences is the economic gulf between rich and poor.


  1. Heyday by Joe Fenoglio

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia
    construction materials informed, though not far off from its footprint, the featured bathroom remodel saw its glory when designer Joe Fenoglio decided to opt for a more intriguing ambience.
    He refurbished the design of ceiling, walls and floor. "This ceiling treatment is accentuated by the extensive use of tilework in the space," he spoke. "Mosaic tiles run across three walls, the floor, the shower stall and the part of the ceiling soffit that runs over the shower. Painstakingly grouted with heavy-duty epoxy, the tiles make a perfect defense against steam and moisture in the space."
    "Several harmonizing elements draw the bathroom together," added Fenoglio. "One linking feature is the mosaic tiles, picking up the red of the Bubinga hardwood and the red paint featured on one wall and in places on the soffit. Another material connector is stainless steel – seen on the sink, the faucet hardware, the toilet and even the custom-made shelving supports."

  2. The Spacious Open Plan Living Room

    Here is a beautiful and interesting interior design has been created for the modern family, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials provided.
    One more thing, this interior is role, a modern large open plan living room, dining room and kitchen.
    In addition, the open plan living room advantages the fresh views and air from the outside by its large windows.
    Moreover, this interior has been design as a special place for the owners to have a great socializing with the family or their guests.
    Furthermore, this interior is just a good place for relaxing and gathering family after the busy work day.

  3. Retaining the character by Shannon Cline

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials informed, this traditional style kitchen is part of a 1920s bungalow and preserves the footprint of the old-style house by designer Shannon Cline.
    "It was outdated and worn, but it had potential. By removing a wall between the kitchen and a dining area, we were able to open it up to the light and sun in the south, and provide French doors to a patio that overlooks the garden."
    "We also selected smaller appliances that use less energy, including a 30in refrigerator and a narrow 18in dishwasher. And the new sink is in the same position as the original one, so we didn't need to redo the plumbing. The decorative moulding beside the breakfast nook was added in the 1950s and retained as part of the story of the house."

  4. The Haberfield House

    Here is the interior exterior of the Haberfield House has been developed for urban living, according to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials said.
    One more thing, the existing floor plan was altered to make better use of light, natural ventilation and space.
    In addition, a dark glazed brick clad living cube in the back of the house connects the space to the outdoor garden and surprises with a high timber veneer ceiling.
    Furthermore, a beautiful white breezeblock wall saved from the former house additions decorates the space.
    Moreover, the house ensures a chic and comfortable lifestyle with a timber deck connecting the internal spaces.

  5. The Aesthetic Values Mountain House

    Welcome to mountain house has been designed as aesthetic values, trustworthy to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials stated.
    As the architects said, “our client was long‐time lovers of modern architecture, with a particular affinity for midcentury modern design.
    This home was meant to be a place to get away from the city life, get back to nature, and “play together” as a family.
    We named the home, “Flight House” to reflect the concept of escape but also because of the curving roof lines”.
    “The home is graced by two large arching wing‐shaped roofs to shelter the main living space and bedroom areas. The two wings of the home offer very different experiences with the surrounding environment.
    In the main living space, the great room is slab‐on‐grade with a polished concrete floor that extends to the outside and feels “grounded”.

  6. One with nature – A simple home design with cluster structures by Nick Noyes

    Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia construction materials, this large scale dwelling achieves a modern approach while sitting in a rural area.
    Designed by architect Nick Noyes, the house needs to be respectful to the nature while contemporary feel is paramount.
    "The owners chose to go with a design that presents the house as a cluster of farm buildings, with ultra-modern steel and glass linking elements, which we call connectors," Noyes said. "Architecturally, the four buildings are typical of the farming vernacular – they are simple, iconic, gabled volumes. The three living wings have James Hardie lap siding similar to traditional wood boards, while the garage is clad in iron. Again, the different materials reference the way farm buildings evolve over time."
    "The ceiling reinforces the barn-like feel of the interior, but we chose to make the tie-rods from steel to keep the look crisp and modern," added Noyes. "They set up a nice rhythm throughout the space."

  7. Spacious haven – Three apartments’ merged with tranquil and restful ambience by Michael Ferzoco

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials informed, the featured interior was part of an apartment renovation that included the merger of three studio apartments by designer Michael Ferzoco.
    "The building had plenty of potential," he said. "But as with most row houses, there was natural light at the front and back only. In merging these apartments, it was possible to bring light into the center of the building by adding a large skylight and creating a light shaft."
    "The higher you go in the building, the quieter it is inside, which is why the main living areas and master suite are on the second floor," stated Ferzoco.
    "There is a rhythm and symmetry to the columns, but it is somewhat unexpected – the vertical elements create both narrow and wide spaces, the latter forming the circulation routes. Extra-deep cherry wood baseboards ensure the posts will cope with everyday wear and tear."
    The end result was a dwelling that is subtle and peaceful to live in.

  8. Gorgeous Georgian by William T Baker

    "The homeowners restored a Georgian country house in Ireland and wanted a bit of Europe in the US. They came to me informed and so we were able to collaborate beautifully on the finer details," designer William T Baker stated of the idea behind the refurbishment of the presented residence, as provided by notable furniture in Cambodia
    construction materials.
    "Inside this beautiful house are several special features," Baker said. "The first is the 12ft-high ceilings on the main floor and 10ft-high ceilings on the second, which give a similar scale to the original style. Second, are the walls which were thickened for paneled jams at the windows. Being true to the style, some walls are more than 2ft thick."
    "There are articulated moldings, beautiful period-style antiques and period fixtures. It certainly is a very elegant home and currently, I believe it is the only example of Georgian style in Las Vegas," Baker added. "I particularly enjoy the style because there are few architectural movements which share this level of sophistication".