May 23, 2014

An INGO worker talked about the current situation upon on them in Myanmar

Just read an interesting article in Myanmar Eleven.
It is an interview of the spokesperson of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Myanmar.

From the interview, we can read how the locals misunderstood the INGO workers' works in Myanmar, especially in the Rakhine State.
We can read about the local bias and the hard reality imposed on foreign humanitarian aid workers.
The spokesperson also shared his opinion on the situation of Rakhine State:

Interview with ICRC's spokesperson Michael O'Brien - Eleven Myanmar | Eleven Myanmar

For example:
Q: Many INGOs are working in the Rakhine State. Myanmar has many regions worse than that state. Some say one of the main reasons behind those many NGOs working in the state is that they get more financial support from the western and rich Islamic countries. What is your view on that?
A: I think the problems in Myanmar are quite visible internationally. In our perspective, we think that there're a lot of needs for both communities in Rakhine because it is one of the poorest states in Myanmar. So, it's not just the communal violence. From the ICRC's perspective, we are a world-wide organisation, not a western organisation. We are funded by 194 countries worldwide. Every country, which has signed the Geneva Convention, provides money to the ICRC. So, there are Buddhist countries, Christian countries, and Muslim countries. Perhaps [the criticisms] are for other organisations, but I would not speak for them. We do not only focus on Rakhine but also on others such as Kachin and Shan according to their needs.
Full interview in video:


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