Jun 18, 2014

Dilemma faced by Vietnamese state on South China Sea problem

William G. Frasure wrote about the dilemma faced by the government of Vietnam over the South China Sea problem.

He said:

First, Vietnam does not have the means to obstruct Chinese encroachments in the South China Sea, which will not stop. Second, there are serious limits to any assistance Vietnam can expect from other countries, particularly the U.S., such that outside pressure is unlikely to resolve the conflict. In short, China's message is that in the South China Sea it can do as it pleases, there is nothing Vietnam can do about it, and no one is coming to help.
The current oil rig confrontation has heightened the Vietnamese government's long-standing dilemma, posed by its need to be seen by the public as resolutely resisting China, while keeping in check activity that might offend China, or bring unmanageable pressure on Vietnamese leaders.

Vietnam Steers Between China's Threat and Public's Anger | The Diplomat



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