Jun 8, 2014

Problem of SE Asia politics: lack of ideology?

Farish A. Noor, a professor fom Singapor's NTU, wrote a good piece about the root problem of SE Asia's politucs: lack of ideology.

South-east Asia: Where is the ideology in our politics?

He siad:

A cursory glance at the goings-on across our region would suggest that we, contemporary South-east Asians, have grown accustomed to the tools and trappings of Modernity but have not internalised any of its values or ideas.
the Asean region is meant to be headed towards closer economic integration and unity. On what basis is this unity meant to be founded, if the respective populations of the countries of the regions do not even believe in the legitimacy of the political process?
Looking at the present state of politics in South-east Asia, however, it seems that what is lacking among many South-east Asian nation-states is political education. This is particularly true when it comes to internalising and respecting the rules of the democratic game.


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