Jul 8, 2014

Hun Sen, Cambodia's PM, said, if Cambodian youths protest in front of a Japanese mall, they will lose their jobs!

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen used his “favourable” authoritarian rhetoric to remind Cambodian youth about the "importance" of stability and NOT to protest!

Hun Sen, according to the article, said:

“Please, all youths, try to work hard for the success of the mall. If Aeon does not make profits, the mall bosses will not increase your salaries,” he said, adding “There is no need to protest to destroy the mall … don’t become good at protesting or create any protests that will make Aeon shut down.”

Hun Sen was speaking as the mall was inaugurated, alongside Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida. Hun Sen was adamant about the $205 million Aeon Group investment.

“Will anyone go to shop at Aeon Mall if the country is war-torn or when there is anarchy on the streets of the capital? There will be no one. Only peace and national reconciliation as well as political stability are the factors that serve the development of the country,” the prime minister added.


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