Aug 15, 2014

New book about Myanmar supported by SEARC is now available!

We would like to inform our readers that a new book about Myanmar supported by SEARC and published by NUS Press is now available.

SEARC organized an international conference about Myanmar peace reconciliation. A new book based on that conference is recently published by NUS Press.
Here is the detail of the book:

Prisms on the Golden Pagoda: Perspectives on National Reconciliation in Myanmar

Kyaw Yin Hlaing (Editor)
Just as the prismatic effects of glass mosaics or mirrors produce the spectrums of colour that give Myanmar's pagodas their glittering iridescence, Prisms on the Golden Pagoda offers a spectrum of views on the country's national reconciliation process. Because many of Myanmar's outlying ethnic groups straddle the country's borders with neighbouring countries in South and Southeast Asia and with China, the outcome of this process is crucial not only for the country's current domestic liberalization but also for regional geopolitics.
The editor of this volume, Kyaw Yin Hlaing is a US-trained academic who currently serves as an advisor to Myanmar's President. He has assembled contributions from veteran activists such as the Shan leader U Shwe Ohn, the Chin politician Lian H. Sakhong, Widura Thakin Chit Maung, once leader of Burma's "Red Socialists," and Thamarr Taman, formerly a senior civil servant. Commentary by the editor, and by Robert H. Taylor and British diplomat-turned activist Derek Tonkin, explains the context and significance of these materials. By showing how the national reconciliation effort has been viewed inside the country, the contributors provide an important insider's perspective on Myanmar's difficult legacies of violence and separatism.
KYAW Yin Hlaing is the Secretary of the Myanmar Peace Center and Advisor to the President of Myanmar. He was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Asian and International Studies at the City University of Hong Kong and one of the founding members of Myanmar Egress.
publication year: 2014
268 pages
ISBN: 978-9971-69-636-8 
Paperback  US$32.00  S$38.00

Table of Content: Chapter 1      Introduction to the Perspectives and Politics of the National Reconciliation Process in Myanmar Kyaw Yin HlaingChapter 2      Political Impasse in Myanmar Kyaw Yin HlaingChapter 3      Milestones in Efforts at Reconciliation in the Union of Myanmar Thamarr TamanChapter 4      Building a Lasting Federal Union of Myanmar U Shwe OhnChapter 5      The Third Union of Myanmar: What System Should We Use for Its Construction? Widura Thakin Chit MaungChapter 6      The Third Constitution of the Union of Myanmar Robert H. TaylorChapter 7      The Burmese Exile Community and the National Reconciliation Process Derek TonkinChapter 8       Reassessing the Economic Sanctions Imposed by Western Governments on Myanmar Kyaw Yin HlaingChapter 9      Burma at a Crossroad Lian H. SakhongChapter 10    The Unexpected Arrival of a New Political Era in Myanmar Kyaw Yin Hlaing


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