Jul 5, 2014

Read David I. Steinberg's latest comment on Myanmar development

In Nikkei, Prof David I. Steinberg summarized about the Myanmar’s latest development.

Although it just a short summary piece, it is still worth reading it.

Here is some quote:

The motivation for change in Myanmar has generated much speculation, for public transparency is not one of the society's noted political attributes. Some unknown equation in the minds of the ruling generals -- varying degrees of national pride, a realization of Myanmar's deficiencies, and the need for western technology and financing -- may have played a role. A sense of history, a desire for a positive military legacy, greater balance in international relations, and a belated realization of Myanmar's economic potential may also have contributed to the decision to launch reforms that would facilitate acceptance by the west and a retreat from the U.S. view of that state as an "outpost of tyranny."


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