Aug 25, 2014

Ne Win and present-day Myanmar

Prof Robert Taylor tells us how Ne Win might feel about Myanmar if he were still alive

In Nikkei Asian Review, Prof. Robert Taylor tells us how the former Myanmar dictator, Ne Win, might feel about the Myanmar of today.

Robert Taylor: What would Ne Win have thought of today's Myanmar?- Nikkei Asian Review

He said,

He (Ne Win) would have found his immediate successors' heavy reliance on China for aid and succor during the years of outright military rule distinctly uncomfortable.

But there are numerous other aspects of contemporary Myanmar that Ne Win would certainly find distressing.

One which he would have advised both his military successors and Thein Sein and his colleagues to eschew is their continual and repeated displays of Buddhist piety.


Those who think they know better now than Ne Win did then perhaps might reflect on the world he, and his generation, grew up in. Ne Win did not create the "Burmese Road to Socialism" -- the name of his reform thrust -- alone; he had many willing helpers. Ne Win and his generation grew up in a country dominated by foreign rulers, British and Indian, and foreign owners, British, South Asian and Chinese.


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