Nov 27, 2013

Check this: ADBI Working Paper : Disaster Risk Management at the National Level By Mikio Ishiwatari

ADBI just released a working paper on disaster risk management in Asia-Pacific. Due to the recent Philippines typhoon disaster or even the Indonesian volcano incident, the working paper is just on time for people who interested in the disaster related issue in the region.

The paper is written by Mikio Ishiwatari who is Visiting Senior Advisor, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It should be noted that JICA is the official development assistance agency of Japan and they have done a lot of work in promoting disaster reduction work in the region.

Disaster Risk Management at the National Level 
By Mikio Ishiwatari

National governments are supposed to play a pivotal role in disaster risk management (DRM). This paper reviews trends and patterns in developing governance and institutions in DRM in the Asia and the Pacific region. The paper then derives recommendations on how to establish disaster risk governance for developing countries, including mainstreaming DRM into development plans and policies. A four-pronged approach is presented: First, strengthen the DRM coordination role of the national government. Second, develop an enhanced legal framework. Third, establish a DRM focal point agency. Fourth, build a flexible cooperation system among concerned organizations and all levels of government.

Download this Paper


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