Feb 25, 2014

Check: Malaysia in The Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Economist just have a Blog about the TPP talk in SG:
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: No end in sight | The Economist
Malaysia's trade minister, Mustapa Mohamed, said there had been no discussion at all in Singapore about the link between TPA and TPP. But it must have been on everybody's mind. Mr Froman stalwartly pointed out that every country has its domestic processes and that the administration was "building support on Capitol Hill". Not fast enough, however, for many of the TPP participants, who face political difficulties of their own, such as Malaysia's worry that TPP might outlaw its affirmative-action policies in government-procurement in favour of "Bumiputras" (ie, mainly ethnic Malays, as opposed to Chinese and Indians), and undermine support for the ruling coalition.

More on Malaysia & TPP from New Straits Times:

TPP: Malaysia continues to seek flexibility - Latest - New Straits Times
International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said overall there is still a lot of work that remains to be carried out. “In the area of goods market access, Malaysia is prepared to undertake comprehensive commitments, but this would depend on the overall balance of the negotiations. Malaysia has thus far made good progress in the bilateral discussions on market access.” On tobacco, Malaysian officials convened informal consultations with officials from a number of countries to pursue an exception from the TPP for tobacco and tobacco products. “Negotiators will be consulting on a suitable timetable to continue work with a view to find a solution to the remaining issues.” Malaysia, he said,  will continue to undertake domestic engagement with various stakeholders to share with them the outcome of the Singapore meeting and the way forward.


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