May 7, 2014

(Update)So, what has to come finally came: Thai court orders Yingluck removed from office

BANGKOK (Dow Jones) -- Thailand's Constitutional Court on Wednesday ordered that Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra be removed from office, ending her caretaker premiership, for abusing her power when she demoted the country's top security adviser.

The question will be: what will red shirt do?

Here is a part of the comment on the court decision and the current situation by one the blogs in Economists, Banyan
It is evident that both sides of the political divide now have almost no faith left in the mediating institutions and processes of the state. On the one hand the red shirts and Pheu Thai supporters have run out of trust in the courts and the monarchical establishment (the king and his powerful privy council), which they see as engaged in one big conspiracy against them. Mr Suthep and the Democrats, on the other hand, have little faith left in voting and democracy, as it always produces a result against them. The only thing left, it seems to some, is to fight. And the only immediate way out of that is for the two sides to find some agreement on the conditions for the next elections to take place, in which all parties will compete happily and fairly.
That’s a tall order in Thailand’s deeply polarised political environment, but absolutely necessary. There are reports that behind-the-scenes negotiations to reach some kind of accommodation have already begun. It must be the fervent wish of every Thai that those talks succeed. The alternatives are too awful to contemplate.

See the full blog: Thailand’s politics: Out of luck | The Economist


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