Jun 3, 2014

A response from a scholar wanted by the Thailand junta....

Few days ago, SCMP posted the response from a Thai scholar, Pavin Chachavalpongpun, who is wanted by the junta:

Despite the threats, I will not bow to Thailand's despots | South China Morning Post

He said:

Shocked at first, I made my position clear by not responding to the summons since I reject the legitimacy of the coup and will not take orders from despots. My experience of teaching overseas for many years compelled me to maintain my integrity and professionalism.

I am more fortunate than my colleagues in Thailand whose rights have been breached, and their freedom taken away. Other Thai academics are forced to remain silent or to exercise censorship, for fear of retribution should they speak out against the military.

If this were a dream, it might seem that Thailand had been transformed into 1960s China during the Cultural Revolution, when harassment against anti-regime intellectuals was legitimised.

Obstructing academic freedom may serve the short-term interests of the junta but, in the long run, it will cause severe damage to the country’s democratisation process.

This is why I refuse to be subservient to the power-holders in my home country.


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